Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are typically once a week. Sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to meet more frequently.  This is determined through discussion with the client on a case-by-case basis. In some cases (such as couples counseling or family therapy) there may also be a need for extended sessions.  These will typically be 90 minutes and the fee will be adjusted accordingly. 


Material discussed in therapy sessions is held in the strictest confidence.  The following exceptions to confidentiality needs to be understood and will be discussed in your first session:

State law requires that all mental health workers must report suspected child abuse, elder abuse, dependent abuse and serious threats of physical violence to themselves or an identifiable person. These laws apply whether or not the therapist believes that making a report is in your best interest therapeutically. All mental health workers are also required to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to prevent a threatened suicide.

How Long Does Therapy Last?
Length of therapy is determined collaboratively with the client and varies greatly.  Some people come to therapy to address one specific problem or get through a rough period.  Some are on a long-term quest for self-understanding or are seeking to change life-long patterns.  Still others want ongoing support as they move through life circumstances. Therapy can therefore range from a few weeks to several years, according to the needs and desires of the client.


I am on several but not all insurance panels.  If you are planning to use insurance to cover the cost of therapy we will first need to check if I am in network.  If out of network you will need to check your benefits to see if they offer reimbursement to outside providers.  Payment is paid directly to me for your sessions.  I will supply you with a “superbill” at the end of the month, which you can then submit to your insurance company.